What does "Fraud Detection — changes after approval" setting?

ApprovalMax now tracks all changes made to a financial document in Xero after the document has been approved in ApprovalMax.

These include changes to supplier, tracking category, and account, among others.

ApprovalMax enables Administrators to configure which changes will be tracked (see screenshot for reference). For example, a change in supplier won’t be tracked, while a change in the amount of the
Bill will.

This functionality is available for Bills, Sales Invoices and Purchase Orders, and can be configured by
clicking on  in Approval Workflows.

If a change occurs in Xero, a notification email is sent to the Administrator and the Approvers to notify
them of the change. To see it, the Admin or the user will need to go to Xero, open the corresponding Bill or Purchase Order, and then look at the history. The change will be marked as "Edited" with the
new value provided.

To see the history of the change made (i.e. both the previous and the new value), the user will need to
open the ApprovalMax audit report and note the previous value, before checking it against the new
value in Xero.

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