What does "Fraud Detection — bypassing approval workflow" setting?

ApprovalMax allows proper tracking of documents that are created and approved directly in Xero without going through the appropriate approval workflow in ApprovalMax. Company Administrators are notified about such activities, as they could potentially lead to fraud.

To turn on this feature,
for PO approval workflow, enable pulling from Xero first:

Then on the Approval Workflow page press on the button  .

How it works with Bills:

  • An Accountant creates and approves a Bill directly in Xero
  • During the next synchronization between Xero and ApprovalMax, performed every 30 minutes, the Bill will be pulled to ApprovalMax and marked as "Approved". There will also be a comment saying that the Bill has been approved directly in Xero without going through the predefined workflow in ApprovalMax
  • The Company Administrators will be notified of this activity by email

Important note: turning on this feature proves useful for companies seeking to ensure that all finance documents are routed through ApprovalMax for managerial approval.

However, if a company has finance documents created and approved directly in Xero as part of their normal process (e.g. created in an order management software), turning on this feature may cause the Company Administrators being flooded with notification emails and lots of finance documents sent for approval to ApprovalMax unnecessarily.

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