How "Bill review and coding" feature works

In order to configure Bill review and coding, please go to the workflow Bill approval workflow.

Choose 'Reviewers' and add people
 who will be able to change some fields before the approval:

Save your changes. 

Now, approvers who also were added to "Review and coding matrix" can change Bills according to the defined rules.

Fields available for changing:
Tracking category

*Total Bill amount for each line item should not be changed if fields Qty, Price or Tax were changed, otherwise you will see a message:

One note: Bill editing is only available in the very first step of approval process. It is designed this way to ensure compliance — that Bill is not changed after it is approved by a particular approver.

*There is an Item Description change feature under Beta key now available on request. Please 
contact us on if you’d be interested to give it a try.  

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