To access Repoting feature select Reports under your Company in the menu

There are 5 default reports which may be adjusted if needed  :
  • Bills pending approval
  • Purchase Orders pending approval  
  • Bills approved this month  
  • Purchase Orders approved this month  
  • Potential Fraud detected
There is also an option to create your own report with filters that will suit your needs.

When you create a new report, first give it a name by completing the ‘Report name’ field. Next, you’ll have the option of choosing and applying filters to your report.  

The following options are available:
  • Rename report
  • Export to CSV file
  • Print report
  • Remove report
  • Edit report filters
  • Sort information in the column
  • Move columns
  • Download audit reports archive for all requests
  • Create accrual report for Xero

To move columns, just use drag and drop.

To sort the information in a column, click on the  button

In the filter you can switch on/off the following fields:
  • Account (Account used in line items)
  • Active step (Where approval request is in terms of the approval workflow)  
  • Amount (Amount of the request in the request currency. You can specify above and below values)
  • Amounts are (Tax) (Are amounts tax inclusive/ tax exclusive or do not include tax)
  • Approved by/ Rejected by (The person who approved or rejected the request)
  • Audit report (PDF audit report that has been generated upon approval)
  • Contact (Counterparty to this finance document)
  • Dates (request dates, creation date, decision date, due date, planned payment date)
  • Currency (Currency in which request has been created. You can pick any currency from the list, multiple selection is possible)
  • Fraud risk (Field indicates if there is any kind of fraud risk)
  • How long decision took (from start to final decision)
  • Matched POs
  • Name (Approval request full name)
  • Paid (Indicates if the Bill has been marked as Paid in Xero)
  • Reference
  • Region (Region used in the line items)
  • Requester 
  • Status (Open, Rejected, Approved, Cancelled)
  • Waiting for (Who is supposed to make a decision)
  • Workflow (Bill, Purchase Order, AP Credit Note, AR Credit Note, Sales Invoice as well as generic, but customisable workflows)
  • Xero synchronisation (No issue, Connectivity issue, Lock date issue, Data issue)
To apply all changes to the report, save them.

See our last video here.

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