How can I create a PO in ApprovalMax?

Some initial preparation is needed before users start creating requests:  
  • A Company Admin invites all relevant users
  • Invitees accept the invitation from their email and must be able to log in
  • Requesters are added to the workflow (Xero Requester - for requests pulled from Xero, Requester - for requests created in ApprovalMax)
  • The approval workflow is customized and activated by a Company Admin
When all steps are done, Requesters are able to create Purchase Orders in ApprovalMax.

To start PO creation in ApprovalMax, click on the '+' button in the right upper corner near the Avatar. 

In the pop-up window, select the request type and Company:

Then, click on the 'Create request' button.

Specify order details such as Contract, Date, Item details...(normally, item details are received from Xero or QuickBooks online).

To add a line, click on the '+ Add line' button.
You can copy a line by clicking on   and selecting 'Clone line', or remove a line by selecting 'Remove line'.

To move a line item, click on  and do so via drag-and-drop.

To attach a document to your PO, click on 

If you want to automatically email approved POs to the supplier, tick the 'Email supplier' checkbox.

When you are finished and you want to proceed with the Purchase Order approval, click on the    button.
To save your changes as a draft, click on the button.
If you want to delete your PO, click on the button.  

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