How to activate a workflow (Purchase Order)

Workflow activation is one of the prerequisites to start an approval process.
To activate a workflow:

1. Go to Company>Approval workflows and choose Purchase order


 2. Add the users who will submit Purchase Order requests in ApprovalMax

In this step, you can define conditional options for each Requester. To do so, click on the Table iconand set up conditions for each Requester in the Requester matrix. When you have finished, save your changes by clicking on 'Done'.

3.  Add a user as the Xero Requester. All Purchase Order requests submitted directly in Xero will be created in the name of this ApprovalMax user. Normally, Requester is a "generic" user such as "Finance Team" with a email address and the company logo as an avatar. The Requester gets notified about all approvals/ rejections/ comments made by Approvers.

4. Add the users who will approve Purchase Orders by clicking on the  button.

 Set up the conditions in the approval matrix :

 Learn more on how to set up approval workflows, about alternative rules, and negative conditions. 
Optionally, set a decision deadline for Approvers by clicking on 

The "Duration for approval" time expiration is not a locking factor. A reminder message will be sent to Approvers 24 hours prior to and on the actual deadline.

5. Add new approval steps if needed.

Learn more about  parallel and sequential approvals. 

6. When all settings are done, activate your workflow 

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