Is it possible to use ApprovalMax as a stand alone solution?

Beyond working seamlessly with a number of accounting platforms, ApprovalMax can also help to improve some other workflows that require control within an organization. Typically, this can be actions such as contract approval, capital expenditures (CapEx), supplier approval, vacation requests, and travel requests.

To set up a generic workflow:
  1. Navigate to ‘Approval workflow’ in your Company and click ‘+’ next to ‘Standalone workflows’
  2. Design a new one. 

You can create as many approval steps as you need, before adding the relevant Approvers for each step by typing in their email address. If necessary, you can also define Approvers based upon a particular criteria.

And once you’ve done that, you can activate your new approval workflow. 

That's it!

Learn how to define conditional Approvers (approval matrix). 

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