How alternative rules in the approval matrix work

The approval matrix allows the definition of rules that determine which Approvers will be selected for each particular Bill/Purchase Order/ Sales Invoice.
Conditions are set based on the master data received from Xero/QuickBooks Online : suppliers, tracking categories, accounts etc.

To add an alternative rule:

1. Click on the green button highlighted below

2. Select 'Add alternative rule'
3. Specify the rule:

In the example above, Mike will approve:
  1.  If Requester is Emma
  2.  If Business unit equals to Business unit 1 or Business unit 2 AND Cost Center equals to Cost Center 3
  3.   Account equals to 310, 320, 325

4. To remove a rule Click on the X simbol next to the line you want to remove
5. When finished, don't forget to save the changes by clicking on                            

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