How to start a paid subscription

If you are using a free ApprovalMax trial and want to continue working with your organisation in ApprovalMax, you need to start a paid subscription.

How to start a subscription

To start a paid subscription, please click on the "Buy now" button in the trial expiration message on top of the screen. Then just follow the wizard. ApprovalMax will suggest a suitable subscription plan for you.

  • Being in the ApprovalMax product interface, click "My account" under your initials/logo in the top right corner
  • Go to "Subscriptions" tab
  • Click "Buy subscription" button and follow the wizard

Important notes about subscriptions
  • It is possible to have multiple organisations on a single subscription, so if you need ApprovalMax for many organisations, you still just need one subscription
  • But at the same time it is possible to have multiple subscription that will have different billing address and payment methods if this is required

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