How to start a trial

About the ApprovalMax trial

The free 30-day ApprovalMax trial is a fully functional version of the product, only limited by time. When it runs out, you can buy a subscription and keep all your data from the trial period. For details on starting a paid subscription please refer to How to start a paid subscription.

How to start a trial

If you are new to ApprovalMax (i.e. you don't have an account with us), please go to, enter your email address and then follow a simple wizard. Here is a short video that illustrates the steps:

Add a new Organisation as a trial

If you already have an account with ApprovalMax, you can simply add a new Organisation, which will run for 30 days free of charge. To add a new Organisation, click on "+ Add Organisation" in the navigation menu.

For any question or if you need assistance during your trial period, please contact us on We'll be happy to help.

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