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  1. 1. What ApprovalMax is for 

    1. What is ApprovalMax
    2. ApprovalMax for Xero
    3. ApprovalMax for QuickBook Online
    4. Xero Bills approval
    5. Approval of Xero Bills pulled from Receipt Bank
  2. 2. How to set up approval workflows 

    1. How to set up an approval workflow
    2. How to define conditional Approvers (Approval Matrix)
    3. What is a Default Approver
    4. Parallel and sequential approvals
    5. How can the auto-approval of requests be avoided?
  3. 3. How Approvers work 

    1. How Approvers are notified
    2. How Approvers can make their decision
    3. Mobile apps for Approvers and Requesters
    4. If the initial Requester does not 'tick' the "Email to Supplier" box, how can the Approver easily spot this
    5. What happens if the "Duration for approval" time expires?
  4. 4. How company Admins works 

    1. How to check which documents are not yet approved
    2. Managing Delegates as an Administrator
    3. Force approval / rejection (override a decision)
    4. Change Approvers for a running request
    5. How to invite a user
  5. 5. ApprovalMax for Xero 

    1. How to connect to Xero
    2. Why do suppliers not appear in ApprovalMax after being created in Xero?
    3. How to create suppliers directly in ApprovalMax?
    4. Can I try without using real Xero data?
    5. What happens after an approval/rejection
  6. 6. ApprovalMax for QuickBooks Online 

    1. Why vendor email is missing in PO creation form?
    2. How to connect to QuickBooks
    3. Can I test without using real QuickBooks data?
    4. Why is there just one integrated workflow compared to the Xero integration?
    5. Can I approve QB Bills and Invoices?
  7. 7. Security and permissions 

    1. Who can create approval requests?
    2. Who can change requests
    3. Who can see requests
    4. SSL usage
    5. Where the data is stored
  8. 8. What's new 

    1. 18 September, 2017 release
    2. 15 September, 2017 release
    3. 8 September, 2017 release
    4. 7 September, 2017 release
    5. 5 September, 2017 release
  9. 9. Purchase 

    1. Why do I / my colleague see "Trial expired" message
    2. How to start a trial
    3. Will I be charged GST / VAT / Consumption Tax?
    4. What payment options are available if I want to activate my paid subscription?
    5. What subscription plan is right for me? What are the differences between your plans and pricing?
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    1. Who can create approval requests?
    2. How to connect to Xero
    3. How Approvers are notified
    4. How to set up an approval workflow
    5. What is ApprovalMax
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